The Reliable Garmin serves you best by putting well-being of your refurbished Garmin GPS first. Don't take our word for it, here's what real customers have to say about The Reliable Garmin

We want to show some appreciation for the products. What you said about the alpha 100 is exactly what we are seeing
The shipping to Ireland was pretty fast, I apreciate
Conor L.
It has been awsome for the past 5 years buying from this company. keep the good work
James P.
For over 7years now, Reliable Garmin shop has been our main wholesale supplier. Great company with Great people
Thank God I found you guys, after searching the whole internet
Mike N.
This Company is very helpful, remember last time i had an issue with my dc50, the support staff was there to help me
Charles M.
I felt in love with this company in 2012 and till now it has been my go-to website for used gps trackers
Martial Scout
Its always a happy day when my husband want to order from this website because they are superb
Natasha Lawson.
Will love to visit the company one day, at least to appreciate their good work because the shipping and customer service is so good
Peter Moses

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