Garmin Atemos 100 + K5 Pack

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Buy Used Garmin atemos 100/k5 system

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions : 6.1 x 16 x 3.6 cm; 600 Grams
  • Date First Available: 27 Oct. 2017
  • Manufacturer: Garmin
  • ASIN: B075V33GM3
  • Item model number: 010-01867-01
  • Buy Used Garmin atemos 100/k5 system
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Buy Used Garmin atemos 100/k5 system

The atemos 100 k5 can track up to 20 dogs or companions at the same time which is 20km away. The is greater control via a geofence, radio warnings, transmission tone and vibration signal for the pet using k5 5seconds refresh rate provides fast location tracking when the dogs are moving at a fast speed.

In case of an emergency, you can easily activate the k5 led or you can call other hunters through alarm Atemos 100 Emergency Touchscreen which is compatible with the 3 inch gloves.

A new type of tracking carefully monitors the speed, distance and direction of travel of each dog. In addition, you will receive notifications about the current state of the dog, e.g. if it is found “in-sample”. On K 5, the GPS / GLONASS antenna placed on top provides fast and reliable satellite signal acquisition as well as high accuracy for tracking even in demanding environments

Buy Used Garmin atemos 100/k5 system

It has the best durable, with a design that has been used for the strict requirement of dog collars used in the most difficult weather condition. We sell brand new and refurbished atemos 100 with k5 at the most affordable prices. Our shipping is express and secure with the most reliable customer service in the planet.

Where can I Buy Used Garmin atemos 100/k5 system

Reliable Garmin shop is the best shop where you can buy Garmin atemos 100 k5 online and got it delivered without stress because our customer service is 24/7 active ready to help you with any problem you may have. Order Garmin atemos 100 k5  now and got it to your house with peace of mind.

Tracking of a New Class(Buy used Garmin atemos 100/k5 system)

Monitor each dog’s speed, distance and their direction of travel. Plus, receive notifications on the particular status of the dog, like if they’re “On Point”. one Atemos 100 can track up to twenty dogs or fellow handlers from a distance of up to 10 km by receiving signals from additional Atemos 100 handhelds or K 5 dog devices (sold separately)1. With update rates of up to 5 seconds, the Atemos 100 allows you to stay close track of your dogs.

On the K 5, the top-mounted GPS/GLONASS antenna provides fast and reliable satellite positioning and high tracking accuracy, even in demanding environments.

Better Control

You can stay in control with Atemos 100 even if you don’t follow every step that your dog takes. With the help of geofences and radius alerts, you can check the dog’s movements and get notified when a dog leaves or enters a specified area. By using Atemos, you can even “talk” to your dog through vibration and acoustic signals on the K 5 dog device. This way, you can remotely guide well-trained dogs.

Buy Used Garmin atemos 100/k5 system

For best use of the battery life of the K 5, you can change the update frequency of the dog device from your Atemos handset and make quick adjustments to changing conditions.

Using the Atemos in Base Station mode together with BaseCamp, Garmin’s free planning software, you can conveniently control the location of dogs and fellow handlers from the larger screen of your laptop. An additional feature is that you can start and stop a VIRB action camera mounted on the dog with your Atemos handset through the K 5 dog device. Buy Used Garmin atemos 100/k5 system at your go-to shop

Improved Safety

Configuring geofences when preparing for your next outing helps you ensure that dogs do not go close to dangerous areas such as roads or steep cliffs unnoticed. With geofences, you can create restricted areas and set up alerts that beep when the dog approaches near. If your dog is near a road, you can remotely activate the bright LEDs on the K 5 dog device unit to improve visibility.

K 5 can also be set to rescue mode so that the radio automatically switches to a lower refresh rate once the battery drops below 25% — this way you can get an additional 12 hours of search time to find a lost dog. In case of danger, you can send an emergency alert to all connected Atemos devices indicating your precise location, allowing others to immediately plot a route to this location. Buy Used Garmin atemos 100/k5 system at the most trusted online shop



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